Juvenile Camp in Salgóbánya

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Accommodation Salgóbánya

Price (HUF): 1560-1920/fő
Rooms number: 10
Type: dwelling-house
Price (HUF): 2500/fő
Rooms number: 2
Type: dwelling-house
Open from: May 01
Open till: October 01
Capacity (persons): 82
Classification: category B
Disabled accessible: no
Payment facilities: Szechenyi Card
Phone number: +36302691752
Number of rooms: 12
Services: flush toilet, cold-hot water shower, parking in a closed garden, private parking, open fireplace, barbecue
Type: youth hostel

Address: 3109 Salgóbánya, Vár út 5. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 48° 8' 40", E 19° 51' 28"
Phone number: +36209536067
Email: salgoitabor@abony.hu
Web: http://www.salgo.abony.hu