Arriving by plane

Full information about the airlines, services and transfer options of Budapest's Airport, Franz Liszt International airport. To make your arrival smooth and trouble free, read more...

The only international airport in Budapest is the Franz Liszt International Airport. Many big European companies fly to Budapest, but also low-cost airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet, German Wings, Air Berlin or
Information: +36-1-296-9696
All passenger flights arrive to and depart from Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is only for private jets and cargo planes. Official page of Budapest Airport.


Next step is how to get to and from the airport. There are several options according to your needs and budget.

Public Transport
A public bus service (No. 200E) runs from the Kõbánya-Kispest. This is the  terminus of  metro line 3 (blue), which you can take to Deák Ferenc tér, junction with metro lines 2 (red) and 1(yellow), trams 47 and 49 and numerous bus lines, to/from Budapest Airport and Terminal 2, every 15 minutes during the day. Buy at least 2 tickets from the BKK stand (Budapest Transport Company) by the exit, because you need to validate one each time you use a new line.

Passengers can reach Budapest Airport Terminal 2 from the Western Railway Station in Budapest. Please note that the rail link was originally constructed to reach as far as the old terminal 1, (and it uses the airports old name -Ferihegy terminal 1.) From there passengers will need to catch a bus service, the very-frequent 200E service that takes them the last few kilometers to terminal 2 
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The journey takes between half an hour and an hour by car. The official contractor of the Budapest Airport is the Főtaxi, you can order a cab at their desk in the airport for fixed, reasonable prices. Or if you order a cab by phone, most companies offer a fixed price of around 3 800–6 500 HUF, depending on whether your destination is on the Pest or Buda side of the river. However nowadays it is rare but still be aware that there is a risk of being overcharged by unscrupulous drivers if you simply hail a taxi. Broken meters and a refusal to accept credit cards should be viewed with suspicion. All registered acabs are now yellow and follow strict rules and rates.  Where possible, always telephone to order a cab and agree a fare for the journey.

Airport Shuttle
The Airport Minibus is a shared taxi which takes you to your destination (Wi-Fi included!). If you are travelling on your own, it is cheaper to use the Airport Shuttle service, which has a desk at the airport. Tickets can be purchased at the arrival customs area or at the LRI Airport Passenger Service desk in the waiting area.
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