Vác: the Baroque jewelry-box of the Danube bend

Vác is a charming city of 35,000 located 40 km north of Budapest. It has rich cultural heritage and an amazing promenade along the Danube. It won the title of "Hungarian City of Culture" in 2010.

The best place to start  explore the city is the main square. The major attractions are located on or around this Baroque style square, and from here one can saunter along the Danube promenade.  Vác owns more than 80 protected sights, unique Triumphal Arch built in late Baroque - Classicist style and Hungary's oldest vehicular bridge from the Baroque period.

Vác owns significant modern collections which are exhibited in Modern Art Collection and International Mobil Madi Exhibition. The former one gives a good overview over the last 50-60 years comprehensive art with the pieces from Szilveszter Matuska, Ferenc Sajdik, Lelly Dombay to Salvador Dali. The later one shows 150 abstract, non-figurative pieces from 16 countries.

We can shiver at the sight of Mummies of Vác in the Memento Mori Exhibition. The history of mummies date back to 18th century and they were discovered in good condition in the Franciscan Church  in 1994.

The imposing Cathedral, Bishop's Palace and rich clerical collection highlight the significant fact that  Vác is an episcopal seat / Bishop's seat.

To refresh ourselves after a tiring day of city walks and discovering unique museums, one will find a range of cafés, cake shops and restaurants offer everything from snacks to full dining.

One not-to-be-missed attraction is the Wine Collection of Váci Curia Borház where we can become familiar with the world- famous Tokaji wines, other types of Hungarian wines and the wine history of the last century. More lively than a museum visit, more than 50 wines are  available for tasting!

Something is going on in every season in this town: feasts, festivals, open-air parties, family days, church concerts, and excellent acoustic or cultural events bring the city alive! Enjoy the events of Spring festival, V4 Festival and Theatre Gathering and International Gregorian Festival held in summer or Autumn Art Week and Winter Festive Days during the chilly periods of the year.

Looking for local tastes? Take part in one of the various colourful and tasty gastronomic festivals organized  from spring to winter. Typical Hungarian donuts are in focus in the Donut-baking Festival in Spring. (The ingredients used for Hungarian donuts are quite similar to other donuts of the world, but the shapes and toppings are fairly different). Wine- and Spirit Festival held in summer is popular among tourist and locals. Lecsó festival (Letcho is a traditional Hungarian dish, a kind of "Hungarian ratatouille," made with paprika, tomato, onions, peppers. Many variations exist, depending on the type of pepper used, others prefer mild or rarely sweet versions or added eggs or sausages).The pig-slaughtering festival and mulled wine cooking competition are among the largest events, during the Christmas season.

It is very easy to get there by train from Western Railway Station (direction Vác), by car on motorway "2" or by boat operated by Mahart from Vigadó Square in Budapest or by private water taxi operated by Dunarama from Budapest.

For more information about events, programmes or accommodation please turn to the local tourist information office, Tourinform Vác.

Phone: +36 27/316-160 or email:vac@tourinform.hu

Opening hours: 9 am- 5 pm from Monday to Sunday