Sziget Festival - from a buzz to a roar

The 2014 Sziget Festival take place over the week of 11th-18th August. Now in its 22nd year, it promises to be an even better bash than ever with the addition of the festival, when the good vibes move down to Lake Balaton for a 5-day after-party!

The Sizget festival organisers have gone all-out this year with an incredible line-up of live music, including: (to name just the most massive names we know)

Day 1, 11th August:  Blink182

Day 2, 12th August: Queens of the Stone Age

Day 3, 13th August: Imagine Dragons Placebo, Skrillex

Day 4, 14th August: Lilly Allen

Day 5, 15th August: Cee Lo Green  Manic Street Preachers

Day 6, 16th August: Madness, The Prodigy

Day 7, 17th August: La Roux, Outkast, the Kooks

This is just the music! As well as that, you will find all the now-normal bungie and Ferris wheel attractions, and numerous mini dance tents, countless bars and stands for everything from crochet to Reiki healing. Understandably, such an amazing setup has built up quite a loyal following and the festival routinely attracts more than 400,000 fans to little Óbuda island in the north of Budapest, and has been listed by Lonely Planet as one of the must-see festivals of 2014.

Now this year, from July 18-22, the B.My.Lake Festival will continue the good times, but in a different locale, by the warm waters of Aliga Beach, by the town of Balatonvilágos, at the northeastern end of the Lake (its nearest point to Budapest, just 95km away). Read more aout that event here.

Basic information and contact details can be found here.
More information, show schedule and ticketing can be found from their their official website.

Getting there and away
The Budapest Sziget Festival takes place on an island in the Danube within the city of Budapest, but it is quite far to the north (some 4km north of the downtown chain bridge, so you will need to plan how to get there. )

The closest jumping off-point is normally around Margaret Bridge for Boat services direct to the island and to the HÉV or Surface Urban Railway that whisks you the short distance up to the nearest ststation (Filatorigát) and is covered by normal Budapest public tranport tickets.

The Official Sziget website has quite detailed info on how to get to the site

Tuk Tuk
This year the Budapest Tuk Tuk team are offfering a special Taxi service right to the sziget gates, from the Aquarium club (or whereever you call it to.)