Budapest is compact & easy

Budapest consists of three different parts: Pest, Buda and Óbuda. Pest is flat and is the vibrant center of the city, containing the main attractions and entertainment venues; while Buda is hilly and more peaceful, with the Castle Quarter as a tourist center.

Óbuda lies a bit further up north, where you can find Roman excavations and lovely waterside scenery lined with several stalls and cafés that are pretty popular with locals. The Római Part (Roman banks) attracts watersports lovers as well. The city is very compact, you can hardly get lost since it is divided by the majestic Danube, with the Margaret Island in the center. Magnificent bridges stretch over the river, from which you can enjoy splendid views and orientate yourself easily.

Your Budapest discovery starts from the oldest bridge in town, the Chain Bridge. For a literally breathtaking view, hike up to the Castle District on the Buda side of the bridge and experience a medieval vibe! On the Pest side move towards Andrássy Avenue and Heroes' Square or stroll down the Danube embankment to the Parliament in the north or to the Great Market Hall in the south. There are two ring roads in Pest that basically go around the center of town.

There are three pedestrian streets downtown: the new one leads from Liberty square to Kálvin square. The main - and rather touristy - Váci Street brings you from Vörösmarty square to the Great Market Hall, and the third connects the Basilica with the Chain Bridge or Liberty square. Trendy restaurants, designer and fashion shops, cozy cafés and bars are all scattered around here, in the 5th district.