Budapest Markets

If you would like to experience a richer food shopping shopping experience than browsing vacuum packed groceries in a supermarket, grab a wicker basket and head to one of the many vibrant markets of Budapest. The capital is teeming with historical covered markets, weekend farmer's markets, design markets and flea markets. if you can't find what you're looking for at one of these, it's probably not worth having!

The Great Market Hall on Fővám tér is the oldest and grandest of the city's food markets, an airy brick and steel cathedral to fresh produce. Despite the neo-gothic building being one of the main tourist attractions of Budapest, it is still very much a working market today. If you wish to avoid the crowds though, visit one of the smaller 19th century covered markets. Belvárosi market a few blocks away from parliament has been recently restored and the market on Hunyadi Tér extends to outdoor stalls selling local produce on Saturdays. Whichever you choose, you must try lángos, the original Hungarian street food. Lángos is deep fried dough and it should only ever have one or two of the following toppings: sour cream, garlic and cheese.

Farmers' markets are an increasingly popular alternative for conscious shoppers looking for organic, locally grown foodstuffs. For Ökopiac, one of the largest central European organic markets you have to travel to Buda, but there are many smaller farmers' markets held regularly in downtown Pest.  Szimpla Kert, Budapest's most famous ruin pub also hosts a uniquely atmospheric farmer's market every Sunday morning, where you can buy artisanal cheese and lavender cordial inside an old residential building. Esti Piac, the first evening market open on Thursdays is perfect for busy urbanites who don't have time to do their grocery shopping in the morning. At the same location, once a month Közös Piac offers organic goodies from small-scale producers. There are many other treasures too to find at market stalls around town. At the Gardrób Community Market anyone can rent a stall and clear out their wardrobe. WAMP is a monthly design fair providing a platform for young local designers to sell their clothes, accessories and handmade creations. The event is often paired with WAMP Spájz, a gastronomic wonderland of delicacies from award winning chocolates to beautifully presented spices. The expansive Ecseri flea market cannot be missed for the ultimate antiquing experience. You need to rise early to find most stalls open, but you will be rewarded with a treasure trove of antiques and collectibles from every decade from soda bottles to grandma's armoire.