Budapest is lively at night
Magnificent bridges provide an amazing backdrop for atmospheric parties on ships – as well as for open-air clubs like Park, Zöld Pardon, Romkert, Kiosk, Cha-cha-cha or Holdudvar.

On mild summer nights the middle of the recently renovated Liberty Bridge transforms into a party lounge: young people from all over the world settle on the steel girders to celebrate. Crowds take over once abandoned courtyards now called 'ruin pubs', grand palaces and casinos are transformed into dance floors, schools function as cool clubs and cinemas become bars. Party people from all over the world dive in to the Sparty, the hottest event of the weekend! Music, laser and light shows bring the classical thermal baths to a whole new level.

A38 is the old Ukrainian cargo ship which was converted into a floating concert hall / bar. You might have heard its name since Lonely Planet chose it as the best bar in the world. On warm Budapest nights the square and the stairs in front of the Basilica feels like a mediterranean piazza. When the party is over and you cross the river at dawn, the last highlight of an unforgettable Budapest night is the amazing background. Tired? Rest at one of the colorful hostels in town where the party re-starts around noon or just never ends!

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