By bike in and around Budapest

Budapest offers plenty options for discovering the city by bike (like Mol Bubi or renting bike or simply taking part in one of the advertised sightseeing tours on bike). How about the Surroundings? Picturesque cities, small villages along the Danube, interesting sights, beaches along the way make it loads of fun to bike outside the Hungarian capital. It is not difficult at all to rent a bike in Budapest, so why not to take part in an organized bike tour? We have listed a few routes to make the decision easier.

Discovering Budapest by bike along the Danube

  • Full length of route: 23 km
  • Estimated duration: 6 hours
  • Difficulty level: easy

The starting point is at the Palace of Arts, on the Pest side of Rákóczi bridge (any other point along the route is good to start for this tour). From here we can cycle on the bike path over the bridge to other side and then continue on our way to the Chain bridge. Meanwhile we can admire the historical buildings University district and Gellért Square and Gellért Hill. Reaching Adam Clark Square, we can turn right onto steep Hunyadi János street which leads us right up to the Castle. Biking further, we pass by Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church, and soon leave the Castle district through the Bécsi Kapu (Vienna Gate).

Turning right on Fláth János and right again onto Hattyú street, one can freewheel all the way down to Batthány Square. Follow the bike path from here in the direction Árpád Bridge. Before climbing up onto the bridge do a round of Szentlélek Square which is the centuries-old center of this Óbuda district with intimate, traditional houses.

Cycling on the bridge turn onto Margaret Island and follow the shady promenade to the other end of the island. Then cycle to the Pest side on the bicycle path around Margaret Island. From the Pest side of Margaret Bridge/ Jászai Mari Square ride on the bike path to the Parliament. The bike path ends here, the recommended route onward from here is Széchenyi quay and Pest lower quay and Belgrád-quay. Passing the Great Market Hall turn onto Só street and walk your bike along the side-walk to Petőfi Bridge. From here bike path is guaranteed again.


Outside of Budapest

1st tour: From Budapest to Szentendre

  • Full length of route: 23 km
  • Estimated duration: 6 hours
  • Difficulty level: easy

Our route leads us exclusively on bicycle tracks and flat land. Szentendre is charming city on the banks of the Danube, north of Budapest, with lots of things to discover. Don't miss the Open –Air Ethnographic Museum or Skanzen, outside of the city.

If you happen to get tired or fed up with cycling, you can pop the bikes and yourselves onto the HÉV (Surface Urban Railway) for transportation and getting back to Budapest.

Things to do by the roadside:

Stop for a drink or fish and chips or lángos at Római part (the bicycle track leads direct via Római part)

Visit the Roman ruins in Aquincum

Things to do in Szentendre:

Art museums and galleries (Art Mill, Ferenczy Museum, etc.)

On the track of  former Serbian settlers: Serbian Orthodox Museum, Belgrade Cathedral, Blagovestenszka Orthodox Church

Enjoying the view from the Templom Square (highest point of the city)

Szabó Marzipan Museum

Caprice Jewelry Center

Shopping in Szentendre

Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

Route: Budapest- Szentendre- Budapest (returning to Budapest is possible by bike or by HÉV)


2nd tour: From Budapest to VIsegrád on the right side of Danube Bend ( we can combine with 3rd tour, getting on the other side of the Danube it is suggested to use ferryboat between Visegrád and Nagymaros)

  • Full length of route: 75 km
  • Estimated duration: 1 or 2 days, depending on numbers of stops
  • Difficulty level: easy

This route is one of the most popular cycling routes, often packed by bikers. It runs via beautiful landscape and mainly on flat land.

Good news: we can decide freely from where to return or we can spend more days for discovering the region. If we are getting tired, there are various opportunities from family-owned guesthouse to 4-star hotels.

We can transport our bikes between Budapest and Szentendre  on HÉV as well. Another option for transportation is regular river boat between Budapest and Visegrád. Tickets for bicycle are available at reduced price. Frequently run train between Visegrád and Budapest (Western or Eastern Railway Station) on which transport of bike is allowed.

Things to do by the roadside:

Szentendre: museums, galleries and largest Open –Air Ethnographic Museum, Serbian Ortodox Museum and church, cafés and restaurants

Leányfalu: all year round open- air bath

Tahitótfalu: strawberry wine tasting and Strawberry Festival in each June

Visegrád: Citadel, Royal Palace, King Matthew Museum, King's tournament, sport activities: canopy, summer and winter bob- sled track, segway in the forest, pálinka tasting in Zugfőzde Pálinkamuseum, renaissance royal feast at the Renaissance Restaurant or we can fish our own trout in Trout Lakes at Ördögmalom Restaurant

Route: Budapest-Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahi-Dunabogdány-Visegrád (returning to Budapest is possible by bike, train, boat)


3rd tour: From Budapest to Danube bend on the left side

( This can be combined with the 2nd tour, but in this case we suggest using the ferryboat between Visegrád and Nagymaros)

  • Full length of route: 70 km
  • Estimated duration: 1 or 2 days, depending on numbers of stops
  • Difficulty level: easy

Expect longer distances if we stick rigidly to the cycletrack and along the Danube.

Actually the bike track starts at Alsógöd (nearby settlement to Budapest), but we can get here by train from Western Railway Station within half an hour (direction Szob). Getting off the train, turn onto Béke street, then follow the route to the Danube where we will intersect with the bicycle path on Petőfi street.

If we are nervous about cycling on the busy streets of Budapest, we can get to Nagymaros from Budapest by train.

Things to do by the roadside:

Vác: Memento- Mori Exhibition, Modern Art Collection, Triumphal Arch, main square, Baroque bridge, Danube promenade, Cathedral of Vác

Verőce: Gorka Museum

Kismaros: traditional  forest railway

Nagymaros: traditional houses in the heart of the settlement

Zebegény: Szőnyi István Memorial Museum and Nautical Museum

Route: (Budapest- Dunakeszi-)Göd- Sződliget- Vác- Verőce- Kismaros- Nagymaros- Zebegény (returning to Budapest is possible by bike, train, boat- Vác and Nagymaros)


4th tour: From Budapest to Danube bend on the right side then returning to Budapest on the left side

  • Full length of route: 140 km
  • Estimated duration: 2 or more days, depending on numbers of stops
  • Difficulty level: easy

If you are planning to spend 2 or more days in the amazing Danube bend, it is recommended to combine the 2nd and 3rd tours

Route: Budapest-Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahi-Dunabogdány-Visegrád- Nagymaros-Kismaros-Verőce-Vác-Sződliget-Göd-(Dunakeszi-Budapest)


5th tour: Day trip to settlements with charming rows of wine cellars and other interesting attractions

  • Full length of route: 66 km
  • Estimated duration: 1 or 2 days, depending on numbers of stops
  • Difficulty level: medium

The recommended route leads us over rolling hills (don't be afraid, it is not a mountain-bike tour) with lots of natural attractions on high-quality roads with low or medium traffic. Accommodation selection ranges from guesthouses to 4-star spa hotels.

Things to do by the roadside:

Budakeszi: Wildlife park

Páty: row of wine cellar and wine tasting

Zsámbék: Lamp museum, scenic ruin church from 13th century, rows of wine cellar with wine tasting, Air Defense Artillery Park

Tök: row of wine cellar and wine tasting

Route: Budapest-Budakeszi-Páty-Zsámbék-Tök-Perbál-Budajenő-Telki-Budakeszi-Budapest