Budapest Bike- BUBI Maps- where to go

So you would like to use a BUBI Bike to explore Budapest – where can you go and what can you see? The location of the Budapest Bike docking stations may seem a little confusing at first. There are 58 in Pest, 17 in Buda and 1 on Margaret Island. Though the scheme is first and foremost, a commuting initiative, you can connect some interesting stations to make some good short routes for sightseeing. Explore with us!

Where to start?
First off, there are two ways to use the BUBI system. You may see Hungarians using a BUBI swipe card (shown in image ) but this is not the favoured system for tourists, as it involves providing proof of permanent address and signing a contract with the transport authority.
Assuming you don't live in Hungary, all is not lost - you can still register and pay a ticket and a security deposit, all by bank card. This takes place in the street, at a registration machine. Not all docking station machines are registration-capable. There are 6 such machines in Buda, 1 on Margaret Island and 24 in Pest. These are shown as red circles on the BKK BUBI official map. This online map is actually updated live, so it normally shows not just all the stations in service, but even counts how many bikes are docked there, right now! For more practical information, see our previous article about getting started wth BUBI.

You can return a bike to any machine. Some have as few as 16 bike stands and other more popular locations have as many as 22 stands. If all stands are full, the bike can be secured to a special overflow bar, with a built-in flexible lock. This lock can also be used to lock the bike to any other object (e.g. a lamp-post outside a shop for a few minutes.) To activate it, pass-card users can swipe their card over the sensor , or casual bank card users can enter their pin on the keypad to automatically release the lock.

Possible sightseeing routes that utilize BUBI bikes

Up Andrássy for a dip
Starting from the Metro station at Deák Ferenc Tér, where all the metro lines come together, it is a breeze to cycle all the way up Andrassy Avenue, passing Bubi stations near the State Opera House, The terror house, Heroes square and finally Széchenyi Thermal Baths. This route can be done on cycle paths the whole way (watch out for the million cross-roads along the Avenue) and would take less than 20-30 minutes for the average untrained cyclist, if you do it in one go.


National Museum, Ráday utca, and Great Market Hall.     (<30  mins)
Starting from the Metro station at Deák Ferenc Tér, cycle Southeast past the glorious old Astoria hotel, the National Museum and the start of the pavement-café area on Ráday Street. (Best to dismount here) Then onwards Southwest towards the Green Liberty Bridge and a little shopping at the Great Market Hall. This would take 20-30 minutes for the average untrained cyclist, if you do it in one go.


The grand tour ending at Gellért Baths.
Starting from Kossúth Lajos Square Metro station, admire the Parliament building before taking a bike, cycling along the river, then under and up onto Margaret Bridge (easy cycle path on the bridge's north side) Perhaps once around  the scenic Margaret island  (5km all around it) then on across to Buda. Follow the riverside bicycle path south, pausing at Batthány square for outstanding photos of the Parliament across the river, then back in the saddle all the way down to Liberty bridge and the Gellért Hotel and baths, for a cream cake or a dip in the baths. (a serious ride of an hour or more, depending on Margaret island and other stops)