Discovering Zsámbék Basin

This verdant basin is a less well-known region near Budapest, however visitors will be surprised at how many interesting sights and passtimes are just waiting to be explored. From adrenalin-pumping activities to wine tasting, there is something to suit all tastes.

Located only 30 km from the Hungarian capital, it is very easy to reach by car or by bike and the major parts by bus as well. High standard spa hotels, well-equipped guesthouses and pensions serve the guests' needs.

On the way to the main town, Zsámbék, it is worth dropping in at the Budakeszi Vadaspark (Wildlife Park of Budakeszi),  which has plenty of clawed and furry wonders for both children and parents.

The famous church ruins in Zsámbék are a must-see attraction. Late roman- pregothic Basilica and neighbouring buildings provide a fantastic view (and great photo topic all year round!) and it often serves as an event venue. From July to September the events of the Zsámbék festival means there is always something going on in the area for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can choose among dance or theatrical performances, and many different kinds of concerts as well.

Another great sight in Zsámbék is the unique Lamp Museum  the only one of its kind and listed in the Guinness World records book in 1995. Imagine more than 1000 lamps in one place. Here you can discover the development of the lamp, from lampions and oil lamps to industrial lamps - with beautiful examples of each. Naturally there are rarities as well, such as a lamp made from an ancient Chinese vase, lamps with Zsolnay- majolica and paraffin- lamps from Meissen porcelain. Other interesting sights nearby include Zichy Palace with its Turkish fountain.

Tasting the local wines is a great way to explore - either by renting  bikes from the hotel or taking part in a wine tour. There is a long-tradition of wine production in this region. Weather and geographical conditions make ideal circumstances for white wines.  You can test great whites at Nyakas Winery, in Tök, which were by the way, awarded the title "Best winemaker of the Year" in 2002,  or drop into the Kleman Winery in Tárnok.

There are long rows of wine cellars side by side in Páty, Zsámbék, Tárnok and Tök, and these belong to the one of the most impressive attractions of the region and are protected sights. Along the row in Tárnok there are more than 800 cellars. Be sure to ask your guide what is these cellar rows of Tárnok.have in common with the Hungarian Parliament.

Nearby Etyek is well-known among tourists and locals because of its wine festivals and events. Another attraction is the Korda Film Park in Etyek. A vist to the  Arboretum in Alcsútdoboz It is definitely recommended at the time of flowering of snowdrops in early spring or  swarming of fireflies in the summer.

For adrenaline-fueled thrills, we suggest the Driving Camp, experience driving centre. Test or develop your driving knowledge in such circumstances such as slippery roads and wet conditions - definitely enjoyable for both beginners and advanced drivers. Leaving the ground, the local airport in Budaörs is a great way to view the close and more distant regions (Budapest as well) from the air. Pleasure-flights are available in old-timer aeroplanes and helicopters as well.