The Royal Palace of Gödöllő

The-always lively Royal Palace at Gödöllő is one of Hungary's national treasures, a symbol of diversity that fulfils cultural, diplomatic and tourist functions all in one.

The building was commissioned by Antal Grassalkovich, one of the preeminent lords of 18th century Hungary and the Chancellor of Queen Maria Therese,  launching a new style in Hungarian palace architecture. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy it was a favourite retreat of Queen Elisabeth, also known as Hungary's beloved Sisi. After WWII the palace was used as a Soviet barracks and later a home for the elderly, and the building steadily declined. You can follow the history of the palace in the permanent exhibition charting the Baroque period, the occupancy of the Royal family, and its history right up to the present day.

Looking at the astounding pace of recent renovations one would think that the Royal Palace of Gödöllő has been completely rebuilt. In fact only one half of the complex has been completed so far. As part of two European Union projects the central section of the grounds, the Elisabeth Terrace, the Horthy Bunker and the stables and riding school have been restored. These new developments now turn the visits of children into an interactive experience, as the Managers believe that only learning through experience leads to long-term knowledge.

During Hungary's 2011 EU presidency, the palace welcomed foreign delegations in its full splendour. The impressive chambers, restored faithfully to their historical glory, passed the highest demands of protocol with flying colours and continue to serve as the spectacular setting for protocol events and company functions. The museum shops offer a wide selection of quality memorabilia related to the royal family and Gödöllő.

The Royal Palace of Gödöllő presents a rich cultural programme. Events and programmes for the whole family, are organised on five major weekends through the year, when music fills the historic rooms . The Rudolph wing invites visitors on a journey through time; stepping inside, one finds oneself among real curiosities year on year.

Discover the unique atmosphere of The Royal Palace of Gödöllő, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in all of Hungary.