Luxury in Budapest

Budapest has a million faces – it all depends on which angle you choose to look at the city from. If you focus on finding exclusive places that offer unique experiences, quality services that provide the highest level of enjoyment and fine products that tally with a truly sophisticated sense of style, a whole new world will open up for you.

Fashion Street is the centre of high fashion in Budapest. Luxurious boutiques like Hugo Boss and Furla are filled with products by the most prominent fashion houses, and top Hungarian designers like Nanushka also showcase their one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories in beautifully decorated showrooms. Shopping enthusiasts can also satisfy their hunger for designer products in the stores that line Andrássy Avenue, another important artery of fashion.  Il Bacio de Stile is Budapest's first luxury department store. Capsula Multibrand Store, also located on Andrássy attracts shoppers with its breathtaking modern interior design and premium fashion brands.

Once you've spent an entire day browsing in stores, all you will want is a comfortable hotel room where you can get a good night's sleep and pamper yourself a little further. The stunningly beautiful building of the Four Seasons Gresham Palace is enough to take one's breath away in an instant, while the Boscolo and the legendary New York Café provide an awe-inspiring sight and a feeling of unlimited extravagance. Both hotels offer soothing spa services, which are also available at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus and the Corinthia Hotel's Royal Spa. Day spas such as Magnólia, Mandala, and Isis offer luxurious offer exclusive beauty, body, and face treatments, including toning and anti-aging and Hungarian specialities like wine and pálinka body treatments. Omorovicza and Kaviczky are luxurious Hungarian skincare brands.

Continental Hotel Zara Budapest also boasts one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city, Araz Restaurant. Costes, Hungary's first Michelin-star restaurant awaits guests with a unique and diverse menu, and Onyx Restaurant and Borkonyha have also proven to be well worthy of the prestigious prize. However, not only dinners can be luxurious: having breakfast at Gerbeaud Confectionary or at Szamos Marcipán Royal Café is an experience in itself. And while shopping, soaking in thermal water and enjoying exquisite food creations is more than satisfying, culture can also be a source of immense pleasure – especially in Budapest, where the cultural scene is richer than in any other big city nearby. The Hungarian State Opera, The Palace of Arts and Liszt Academy offer amazing pieces of theatre and varied concert programmes, not to be missed when visiting a city with such an abundant cultural history.

Luxury means a personalised experience and in Budapest every moment of your trip can be tailored to you. You can take a limousine ride from the airport; even rent a water limousine for a unique experience on the Danube. Several providers offer personalised guided tours based on a theme, such as gastronomy or wine tasting, or one built entirely around your personal interests.