Medical Tourism in Budapest

Budapest is a popular destination for health tourists, Medical services here are outstanding and affordable by international standards and available just a short flight away from almost anywhere in Europe.

Every year over a hundred thousand health tourists from the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland choose Budapest for dentistry, plastic and orthopaedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments, dermatology and anti-aging treatments, obesity treatments, addiction programs and eye surgery. There are several factors that make Budapest such an attractive destination. First and foremost it is the highly competitive pricing of private medical care, which can often be a fraction of the cost in a Western European country. Coupled with competitive pricing is a like-for-like standard of care: Hungarian medical training is recognised world-wide, which nothing illustrates better than the high number of foreign medical students at Hungarian universities and the high number of Hungarian doctors who practice abroad. Budapest clinics have realised the potential in this rapidly expanding industry, specialising in treating foreign patients. Several clinics and agencies run medical tourism programs and packages, organising the entire trip – generally 1-2 or 6-10 days – including flights, accommodation, transfers and treatments.  Medical practitioners are highly qualified, speaking several languages, and regularly attend further training and conferences abroad. Dentistry is the by far the most sought after type of treatment, accounting for around 80% of medical tourism, but anti-aging treatments and plastic surgery are gaining in popularity.

The many thermal baths of Budapest also offer healing opportunities. Each spa is fed from a different spring or aquifer hence the thermal waters will have slightly different composition in each, but in general they are considered to be beneficent for the joints, the musculo-skeletal system, neurological and gynaecological problems. Many baths offer medical, as well as beauty treatments, such as orthopaedic massages, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. In case you wish to experience the medical benefits of the baths rather than their relaxing properties alone, a continuing treatment of at least two weeks is recommended.

Last but not least, the best argument for choosing Budapest for your treatments and elective surgeries is the city itself. Within easy reach from anywhere in Europe by major as well as budget airlines (Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Wizzair, Sky Europe, German Wings), Budapest offers a huge variety of cultural and leisure activities to take your mind off the dentist's chair.