Romantic Budapest - the perfect place for a wedding

Classical or extreme, elegant or cool - Be it a village church at the end of the world or a swanky world-class hotel - you'll find everything you dreamt of. Whichever type of wedding venue you choose, getting married in Budapest adds extra special memories to the big day!


1. Queen for a day

Wouldn't it be lovely to be treated like royalty for once? Choose from the palatial, historic buildings of the city: The beautiful, Secessionist Four Seasons Gresham Palace for example, has a scenic view of the castle district and provides a wide range of services from the party to the honeymoon. St. Stephen's Basilica, located only steps way, is the tallest building of Hungary, capable of hosing all the celebrating crowd.

Take a ride in a convertible at the Grand Bouleward and choose Corinthia Royal Hotel – and you'll feel like a real celebrity. Or have a World Heritage background in your wedding photos and arrange your wedding up in the Castle District, (just watch the high heels on those cobble-stones.) Mathias Church is a favourite venue and don't miss out hiring a carriage and enjoying the medieval atmosphere of the place at trotting speed.

HINT! Have your wedding photos taken at the Fisherman's Bastion >>

2. Be classical

Weddings not only connect two lives, but also two families. Therefore, it is very important to provide them cheerful, pleasant circumstances to get to know each other. Mátyás Pince, a huge-but-cosy underground restaurant is a good place to gather the family at huge tables set with great food and wine, which help to start a good conversation.

The world-famous Gundel Restaurant evokes the feeling of 19th century. The restaurant was established by the famous Gundel family, and despite the elegant, interior décor, it has managed to keep its familiar intimacy. It is a very good place for those who like homey tastes, but are looking for something upscale.

HINT! Budapest Zoo and Botanical gardens, just next door, is a nice place to shoot wedding photos. >>

3. Make it extreme

Do four walls seem limiting? Don't fancy having your wedding in a crowded room? Why not set up a tent beside Pálvölgyi Cave and enjoy the unspoilt nature of the area? Another possibility is to climb up enjoy the view from Sas Hill, where a panorama terrace provides a nice place for a relaxing event. Being one of the highest points of the city, Erzsébet kilátó is also a good choice not only for shooting wedding photos, but also for the whole ceremony – it is easy to access and suitable for bad weather too.

4. Be stylish

Make your wedding memorable and choose an unusual location. Place your party at a Danube ship, or turn it into a mysterious experience by setting it at the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. It is also possible to hold it in a Museum: The Budapest Historical Museum in the Buda Castle, offers a large hall and a medieval atmosphere, while the Museum of Applied Arts is well-known for its graceful, Secessionist style.

HINT!  Many of the Museums are capable of hosting challenged guests too >>

5. Move around

Don't be afraid of moving away from Budapest – especially at this special occasion. The surrounding area offers a great variety of exciting programs. Lázár Equesterian Park is not only a scenic place for the party, but also arranges surprises to entertain your guests. You can arrange your ceremony at the scenic Basilica of Máraibesnyő, while the Castle of Gödöllő and its park-like grounds are an excellent background for photos.

HINT! Spend a few days in Gödöllő to see what you'll get. >>

For lovers of medieval times, Visegrád can offer something unforgettable: the newlyweds can have their own joust and feast – just like the nobles of old. Meanwhile, Nagybörzsöny recalls the atmosphere of ancient rural culture: the beautiful, small church is located among the picturesque hills of Börzsöny – only about one 90 minutes ride from the capital.