Shopping- Spring Fair on Vörösmarty Square

Shopping- Spring Fair on Vörösmarty Square

Folk art and traditional material culture rendezvous with modern design and the latest trends on Vörösmarty Square: this is the Spring Fair, which not only offers you the chance to meet the craftsmen in person, but cultural refreshments as well.

 The performers on the weekends include Viki Havay and Fakutya, Vera Jónás and the Mi Van, Cicus band. As well as special products, the fair now also aims to highlights the craftsmen. We can learn about their relationship to their trade, how they found their way back to traditional artefacts and discovered new uses for handcrafts, what their motivations are and how they gained their experience. This fair, in other words, is as much about the people as the goods they make. On Sunday, there will be a pottery competition between 12 am – 6 pm, where the categories in which the craftsmen take on one another include the smallest and the largest objects made on a wheel. It will be up to the audience to pick the winners.
The fair is held annualy and the 2014 fair will be on until the 21st April, open daily from 10 am till 9 pm.

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