Taste Budapest

Whether traditional, international, modern or classic, pastry or coffee shop, wine bar or pub – you'll find your a wealth of choices in Budapest's culinary wonderland! Hardly a day goes by without the opening of a new restaurant.

The culinary scene has gone through a pleasant change nowadays. It is becoming more creative, service is getting better, and the quality of the wines just keeps rising.  Due to the growing number of tourists, menus are almost always available in several languages. You can't go wrong with eating out in this city, we have great dining with significantly lower prices, top International restaurants with Michelin stars, traditional or modern Hungarian cuisine mixed with Mediterranean flavours, English or Irish pub food, soup bars, Asian or Mexican fast food, student bars with Balkan food or fancy burger bars and steak houses await you.

High gastronomy and Michelin stars

Hungary currently has four Michelin-star restaurants: Costes was awarded in 2010, Onyx (chef of which, Tamás Széll will represent Hungary on Bocuse d'Or Europe this year held in Budapest) in 2011, Borkonyha in 2014 and Tanti in 2015. Besides these, ViaMichelin recommends 30 more restaurants. (And although Onyx was the second Hungarian Restaurant to win a Michelin star, it was actually Szabina Szullo who became the first Hungarian Chef to warrant this accolade.) On the latest toplist of Gault&Millau we can also find Onyx ranked as the first, followed by Alabárdos Étterem, Babel Delicate, the above mentioned Borkonyha and Costes Restaurant, and also Csalogány 26 étterem, Laci!Konyha! and Olimpia Étterem

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Onyx Restaurant Budapest

Street food in Budapest

Do you fancy local food? Why not discover the Hungarian versions of hamburger, baguette, homemade soup and typical food of different nationalities? Have you ever tried Lángos (a kind of deep-fried dough) with sour cream and grated cheese?

While exploring the downtown area, there are some places where you can quell your appetite in healthy way at good price -quality value.

In "Bors" eatery, opened by 2 young chefs, you can taste delicious soups, followed by pastas or baguettes. The nearby "Leves"  offers cold and warms soups not only for students (and its name means literally: soup). A new trend has started with the first fish places (Nemo, Bubba's Water Grill)- Here it is all about fish: from fish burgers to local versions of fish and chip shops or the upscale version: in Halkakas Bistro or Big Fish Restaurant. International eateries of every sort from Thai to Vietnamese also await their guests.

Hungarians do love their sausages. Don't imagine a raw british pork sausage, these  sausages or kolbász, are very dense ground pork or beef that is smoked or boiled, dried or smoked and are generally quite spicy. There are also liver or blood-sausage variants known as hurka, that are also a great favourite of Hungarians. Often eaten with chips and mustard.

At affordable rates

If you want to eat for even lower prices, look for the lunch menu specials at some restaurants that only cost about 4 € and don't worry too much about what constitutes lunchtime - it is not out of the question to find places that offer lunch menus until 5 pm! Pavement café areas like Ráday Street offer a wide selection of restaurants of all price ranges, while Liszt Ferenc square is known for its idyllic outdoor seating with higher, but affordable prices.

Dining out in trendy way

If you're looking for international restaurants in the upscale category go to the 5th district around the Basilica and Andrássy Avenue. The Jewish Quarter and the Gozsdu Court is packed with hip and inexpensive restaurants and there are some traditional Hungarian restaurants in the Castle District which are very popular with tourists. As you walk off a hearty dinner, you have the added advantage of taking in awesome views of the city from the castle walls. Discover the high quality and uniqueness of Hungarian wines in one of the hip wine bars where you can have Hungarian and Mediterranean tapas.

Excellent Hungarian craft beers are the latest trend. Why not try Hungarian plum beer in one of Budapest's famous and very unique 'ruin bars'?

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Latest trends: flat restaurants

Flats used as home-style restaurants are becoming very popular. Small groups of people, sometimes all friends, sometimes meeting new friends, meet and eat together in the host's home and consume great gourmet food. There is generally no Á la carte food, but the pre-agreed menu can easily surpass most peoples desires and can of course be tailoed to any special dietary needs. These so called pop-up restaurants like Simon's flat and Repeta among others are rightly acclaimed.

New York Café Budapest

Coffee house culture

Budapest is famous for its coffee house culture: in addition to classic coffee houses, such as the New York, Gerbeaud, Central or Lotz, you can enjoy invigorating coffee from freshly roasted beans in family-run coffee shops.

Great Market Hall

You should definitely visit the Great Market Hall, if you want to see something spectacular or you want to buy something traditionally Hungarian. Goose liver, sausage, Hungarian red pepper; you name it - it's here. According to CNN it is the most beautiful market in the world - a treasure box full of Hungarian food and lifestyle.

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